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REPLAY & CALENDAR PDF: 2022 Plan-a-Rama: Moons and Planetary Moves with Noela Star Queen!

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Watch the replay of the 2022 Plan-a-Rama! We will used the sidereal zodiac to go through each month of the 2022 calendar year and note several key happenings in the sky, such as: New Moons, Full Moons, eclipses, retrograde periods, zodiac moves of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and the Lunar Nodes.*

This two-hour session was recorded on Wednesday, December 22 at 6 PM PST (7 PM MST, 8 PM CST, 9 PM EST) .  

Viewing preparation suggestion: Print out a 2022 calendar, get out your planner, or get your apps ready, or get out whatever you use to keep track of time. I will provide  the information we review, and you will have time to write stuff down directly in your own calendar. This replay comes with a PDF of the notes used in the presentation (calendar). 

Please be sure to include a valid email address with your order; the video link for the event and the calendar notes PDF will be sent to that address. 

Patrons! Don't forget to use the discount codes for you and your friends!! 

[*Chiron, Uranus, and Pluto aren't included in the list of "zodiac moves" because they don't move signs in 2022.]