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Sidereal Zodiac Data List

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This is a PDF with your Sidereal natal chart placements, including the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, several asteroids, the four major angles, the lunar nodes, your planetary day of birth, and your natal moon phase. It includes a list of your major and minor aspects. Also included: reference pages with glyphs (symbols) and key word definitions for the celestial bodies, angles, aspects, signs, and houses and a page with links for sources for further reading. 

This IS NOT a full length written report where you get an analysis of each individual placement. This is a LIST of your placements and an explanation of what each celestial body or cardinal point represents. 

The "deluxe" part is the addition of specific pages for each celestial body. The "standard" version is great too! It comes comes complementary with the Intro to the You-niverse Consultation.  Those who already have the "standard" version may upgrade to the "deluxe" by choosing the "UPGRADE" option from the drop-down menu. Please only choose this option if you already have a "standard" version; otherwise you will be refunded and asked to choose the "deluxe" or "tropical too" version.

For those of you still interested in the tropical zodiac, please consider the "combo" option - I will create a product that shows your placements on both zodiacs. The signs will change, but the aspects will stay the same. This is a variation of the "deluxe" option - it's the fanciest thing on here!!  

Please be sure to add to the order notes your 1.) birthday (day, year, and month), time of birth (including AM or PM), and city of birth. This report will be made available to you using the email address you provide. The wait time for this product is 1-3 weeks after your payment is submitted. :) 

This product comes with TWO tickets to upcoming group astrology events (already free for monthly subscribers). These events often have a workshop portion, and you are invited to ask questions about what you learn in your Sidereal Zodiac Data List. 

If you've never had an astrology consultation with me, here's an incentive:  the Sidereal Zodiac Data List (all versions) come with a coupon code for 50% for the Intro to the You-niverse Consultation and (for those who have already had that service) 50% off the 45-minute Follow-up Consultation.

This is a custom product created for the person who orders it, so it would be kind of weird to "return" or "exchange" it. No one has ever asked for their money back, though, so I take that as a great sign that my work is worth people's time and financial exchange. If for some reason, though, you are unsure, please do not purchase this report. If you are sure, then heck, yes, let's get this list going! :) 

If you see a typographical or design error in your product, please contact our Quality Control team by emailing We'll be sure to address the error and send you a corrected version of your Sidereal Zodiac Data List, free of charge! :)