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I am Noelle G., an astrologer, researcher (parent, friend), and advisor and this subscription is a great way to connect with me! I use the sidereal zodiac to cast my horoscopes, and I am happy to teach you about it in a way that honors the knowledge you’re already bringing in.  All monthly subscriptions come with a the following benefits:

  1. A discount code for 30% off individual consultations and products (code will be sent out via email). 
  2. Google Classroom access for resources (like a shared astro calendar!) and community (shout out to the subscribers!)

There are several options, explained in-depth, but the basic choices are: 

  • Option 1: Just live events 
  • Option 2: Live events and individual monthly consultations (live)
  • Option 3: Live events and individual monthly readings (recorded)

Option 1: Just live events 

This option provides excellent opportunities to learn more about astrology in a group setting. We meet twice a month, and events are currently scheduled for Saturdays at 4 PM Pacific (6 PM Central, 7 PM Eastern). They are always recorded and transcribed, and the materials are made available to all subscribers. To prepare for these events, you should get your own birth chart and follow along with the information presented in the events. Click here for an instructional video on how to get your sidereal birth chart. And click here for a free PDF resource with chart directions and reference materialsIf you’d like to check out one of these events before subscribing, you can click here to purchase a ticket for the next Chart Party. or click here to purchase a ticket for the next Planet to Plan-it Party (astrological planning event). 

Option 2: Live events and individual monthly consultations (live)

If you are looking for more one-on-one interaction, you may be interested in this second option with individual monthly consultations. This level is for those seeking monthly 30-minute sessions with me. In these sessions, we refine our understanding of your birth chart and discuss current transits. The goal is to provide you with astrological counseling and support your learning your own chart. Many of the subscribers on this level are clients who purchased the “Intro to the You-niverse” consultation for themselves and their children, so we spend time talking about the planets and how they impact the household. Subscribers on this level also get access to a client portal with consultation recap reports, transcripts, video links, and additional resources. If you’re interested in monthly sessions with me, this is the option for you! 

Option 3: Live events and individual monthly readings (recorded)

This option is for those who want a custom horoscope each month. Subscribers on this level will get an unlisted YouTube video with an individual reading for the month. Similar to the “Recorded Reading” option, these videos will be 5-15 minutes in length. Videos are scheduled to be sent out by the end of the calendar month. Like the subscribers getting individual consultations, people with monthly recorded readings get access to a client portal with reading recap reports, transcripts, video links, and additional resources.   

General Policies and Practices 

  • I do not look at birth charts without consent!
  • I do not share astrological data or analysis without consent! 
  • I require payment before services! 
  • I allow people to reschedule! 
  • I battle against socially inappropriate and harmful rhetoric in astrological publications!
  • I cite my sources!
  • I read children’s charts with the positive intent to show their caregivers how to better give care! 
  • I love astrology! 
  • There are no returns, so please only purchase in good faith.  

Astrological specifics

  • My charts are casted on and Time Nomad using the sidereal zodiac, with the Lahiri ayanamsa, whole sign houses, with a wide range of aspect types and orbs of varying sizes. 
  • My charts include the outer planets, both kinds of lunar nodes, Lilith(s), and the asteroids Pallas Athene, Vesta, Ceres, and Juno. 

About me
  • I am a homemaker, parent, and scholar who uses this platform as a way to connect with people, expand my horizons, and support my family. One of my parents was born in Cuba, the other is Black with origins in North Carolina, and I have one sibling. I am a late-diagnosed, autistic-ADHDer. I am also a PhD student in Psychology, studying the online learning experience for people who are both neurologically disabled and in a marginalized racial/ethnic group. I was born in the Hudson Valley, grew up in Connecticut, graduated from high school in southern New Jersey, went to college in Boston, spent my early 20s back in southern New Jersey, and have now lived in Arizona for over ten years. My Sun sign is Aries, my Moon sign is Leo, and my Rising sign, or Ascendant, is also Leo. **flames** I hope to see you at one of the group astrology events or an individual consultation soon!