About the Art

Thank you for your interest in my digital art! I have always had a strong desire to control my aesthetic, and this astrology enterprise has created a fantastic channel through which to do so! My process was born out of necessity: with three small children to care for, there is not much time for lengthy creative endeavors. Instead, work gets done in small bursts, with the tools that are available. Most of the art comes from pictures taken while out on walks with the children. Some of the art comes from the desire to create original astrology glyphs for my educational materials. Thank you for looking!!!

Zodiac by Traditional Ruler

Zodiac house rulership associations by traditional ruler. Starting at left center and going counter-clockwise: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn, Jupiter


Libra II


I Am the Resolution to the Conflict in My Bloodline