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Astrology by Noelle G.!

2024 Sidereal Zodiac Astrology Calendar

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2024 Year Ahead Bundle Options

There are so many options available to help you get ready for the astrology of 2024!

  • 2024 Sidereal Zodiac Astrology Calendar, Basic Edition (available now) with ingress & retrograde dates for personal planets, outer planets, Black Moon, lunar nodes, & asteroids; plus eclipses, lunar phases, equinoxes, solstices, and U.S. Federal Holidays. NEW FOR 2024: essential dignities, digital navigation features, & a comprehensive glossary
  • Extended Edition of the 2024 Calendar (available for pre-order; will be sent in December) has everything listed above, but many more details for the ritualist looking to get the perfect timing for their works. Includes mundane aspects, fixed star conjunctions, planetary exaltation transit dates, and void of course moon dates. 
  • Google Calendar Add-on (available for pre-order; will be sent in December) for the Extended Edition of the Calendar is for those of you who would like your astrological dates on your computer or mobile device. This calendar has an event for each of the entries on the Extended Edition of the 2024 Sidereal Zodiac Astrology Calendar, as well as including a description for each one with optional suggestions for ritual work. 
All pre-orders for the Extended Edition and Google Calendar Add-on will be sent the Basic vversion of the calendar right away; the Extended Edition and Google Calendar and-on will be available and sent in December, 2023. 

    And now, the bundles! If you want any one of these products AND some more personalized insight into your 2024, you can get one of the three versions of the calendar described above, plus your choice of three consultation styles: (a) individual, 60 minutes on Zoom; (b) recorded reading, 45-minute unlisted YouTube video; or (c) small group consultation on Saturday, December 30, 2023 at 2 PM PST (spots are limited for this one!) Check out the list of bundle options below: 

    1. Bundle #1: Basic Calendar PDF and 60-minute individual Zoom consultation
    2. Bundle #2: Basic Calendar PDF and 45-minute recorded reading
    3. Bundle #3: Extended Calendar PDF  and 60-minute individual Zoom consultation
    4. Bundle #4:  Extended Calendar PDF  and 45-minute recorded reading
    5. Bundle #5: Extended Calendar PDF with Google Calendar add-on and  60-minute individual Zoom consultation
    6. Bundle #6:  Extended Calendar PDF with Google Calendar add-on and 45-minute recorded reading
    7. Bundle #7:  Basic Calendar PDF and Small Group Consultation (Sat. 12/30/23 at 2 PM PST)
    8. Bundle #8:  Extended Calendar PDF  and  Small Group Consultation (Sat. 12/30/23 at 2 PM PST)
    9. Bundle #9:  Extended Calendar PDF with Google Calendar add-on and  Small Group Consultation (Sat. 12/30/23 at 2 PM PST)

    Each order comes with a complementary ticket to the "Plan-a-Rama," the third annual digital gathering where we discuss what's on the calendar and how to use it (Saturday, December 2 at 2 PM PST).

    Happy 2024!