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Astrology by Noelle G.!

Star-based Coaching Sessions

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“Star-based Coaching Sessions” - Aligning Goals with the Cosmos

Are you ready to harness the power of the stars to fuel your aspirations? These 60-minute Star-based Coaching Sessions are specially crafted for individuals seeking focused astrology-guided goal-setting. 

How “Star-based Coaching Sessions” Differ:

While the regular introductory and follow-up sessions delve deeply into the psychology of your astrological profile, “Star-based Coaching Sessions” take a strategic turn towards goal-setting and achievement.

What Makes Them Unique:

  • Moon & Mercury Insights: Uncover how your Moon and Mercury signs and aspects influence your thoughts, emotions, and communication style. Gain clarity on how to leverage these strengths in pursuit of your goals.
  • Natal & Transit Saturn Positions: Understand where your natural inclinations for hard work lie and where to channel your efforts for maximum impact. Discover the areas of your life primed for dedicated focus.
  • Specific Goal Setting: Together, we’ll define a clear and achievable goal that resonates with your unique path. Whether it’s personal, professional, or a blend of both, we’ll ensure it aligns seamlessly with your cosmic narrative.
  • Timeline for Productivity: Leverage the power of current and future transits to create a strategic timeline for goal achievement. We’ll identify opportune moments for action and periods of reflection.

Pricing Options:

  • Single Session: $80
  • Bundle of Three Sessions: $225
  • Bundle of Six Sessions: $400

For Subscribers:

Subscribers enjoy an exclusive 30% discount on all session packages! Retrieve your discount code in the Google Classroom or email me for assistance (

Ready to Elevate Your Goals?

Once you have purchased your session, please use the following link to schedule.

 This link will also provide you the opportunity to give me your birth data, the accuracy of which is a key component to the integrity of my work with you. Misrepresent it at your own risk! Finally, if you are interested in this session but see no times on the calendar that work for you, please email with three proposed times, and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule :)