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Astrology by Noelle G.!

Early Fall 2023 Written Horoscopes

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Sidereal Rising Sign

Welcome to the "Early Fall 2023 Written Horoscopes"

Astrology is both an art and a science, offering profound insights into our lives. Your birth chart serves as a guiding map, yet it's your journey to navigate. Let this horoscope be a gentle companion, never a binding force. My intention is to empower you, fostering inner peace and self-understanding.

Take your time with this extensive guide. It's crafted not just to foretell, but to educate and fortify your grasp of astrological principles. Let's embark by exploring the rhythmic dance of planets.

Within these pages, immerse yourself in the celestial choreography of September and October 2023. Venus graces us twice in Cancer and Leo, joined by Mercury in Leo's embrace. Then, venture into the realm of Virgo, where the Sun, Mercury, Mars, the October New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and the South Node transit await.

Libra follows suit, revealing its cosmic influence through Sun, Mercury, Mars, and the South Node. Aries emerges, marked by the conclusion of the North Node transit and the enduring dance of Jupiter and Uranus. Pisces enchants with the September Full Moon, Neptune's transit, Chiron's wisdom, and the inception of the North Node transit.

In Aquarius, Saturn charts its steadfast course, nearing its midpoint in transit. Finally, explore Capricorn, where Pluto embarks on a transformative journey spanning nearly two decades.

Choose Your Experience: Basic vs Deluxe

  • Basic Version: A comprehensive journey through the planetary movements of Fall 2023.

  • Deluxe Version: Elevate your experience with over 100 additional interpretations. Gain exclusive insights into the transits of Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto, along with their specific aspects to natal placements.

How to Access Your Horoscope:

Upon purchase, you will receive a colorful PDF. Look for the words "Click Here" within the document. Clicking will take you to a Google Doc version of the horoscope, where you can enjoy enhanced navigation features.

This written horoscope is a tapestry, and not every thread may weave through your personal cosmos. Keep your birth chart close, and utilize the document's outline feature, bookmarks, and table of contents for seamless navigation.

May this journey through the stars illuminate your path and bring clarity to your cosmic narrative.