Monthly Subscription Options

Check out the updated monthly subscription options! There are three:

  1. Live Events
  2. Sidereal Snapshot Monthly PDF
  3. 90-minute consultations every other month

Each of these can be purchased as a subscription, or "one-time," so be sure to choose the subscription option on the product page. All of the subscriptions come with access to the Google Classroom, where people can browse resources and ask questions.

As of Spring 2023, subscribers are paying $5 a month for the twice-a-month live events. The Sidereal Snapshot Monthly PDF is 20% off the first month, and then 25% off for each month after that, about $12 a month. They also get access to the twice-a-month lives and the Google Classroom. Lastly, Consultation subscribers are paying $120 every other month for a 90-minute consultation, the Sidereal Snapshot Monthly PDF, and the twice-a-month live events.

Get in where you fit in - click links to go to the product page that works for you. 

Live Events Subscription


Sidereal Snapshot PDF Subscription


Consultation Subscription



  • An accurate birth time is essential for any astrological work. Misrepresent the time at your own risk. 
  • Nothing written in the report takes the place of medical, psychological, or financial advice. 
  • There are no refunds; please be sure you understand what you are purchasing. Ask questions if you have them; email
  • Astrology is a wide field with many specialties; if it is discovered that Noelle cannot help you, or is not a good fit, she will be sure to refer you to a trusted peer. 
  • Astrology in the West is not practiced as a religion, and although spiritual topics are common, Noelle is not a religious practitioner. However, she will be quick to refer you to one, if those issues