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Sidereal Snapshot (Monthly Written Report)

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Welcome to the Sidereal Snapshot, a product designed to help you navigate the astrological transits of the upcoming month. This document provides a simple breakdown of the key astrological influences at play, as well as information on the monthly lunations, and the lunar return. Some key natal placements specific to your birth chart are included, as well as reference materials to help make sense of it all. While no interpretations are offered in the report, it does come with a discount code for a follow-up consultation. This Sidereal Snapshot is a valuable tool for students of astrology looking to use their own chart and the sidereal zodiac to gain a deeper understanding of the energies at play in the cosmos.


The Sidereal Snapshot Monthly Written Report is one of three subscription options for Astrology by Noelle G. Subscribers will get their Sidereal Snapshot via email by the end of the first day of the month (e.g. subscriptions started before May 1, 2023 will get their reports sent by May 1, 2023). If you purchase a subscription, the first charge is 20% off and the remaining charges are 35% off :).

If you are interested in a subscription for just live events, which happen twice a month, click this link to purchase one. If you are interested in a subscription for consultations, which are 90 minutes every other month, click this link to purchase one


  1. Purchase your Sidereal Snapshot on the website (here)
  2. Include your birth data and valid email in the order notes
  3. Wait for an email from Orders take up to seven days to create.  


  • An accurate birth time is essential for any astrological work. Misrepresent the time at your own risk. 
  • Nothing written in the report takes the place of medical, psychological, or financial advice. 
  • There are no refunds; please be sure you understand what you are purchasing. Ask questions if you have them; email
  • Astrology is a wide field with many specialties; if it is discovered that Noelle cannot help you, or is not a good fit, she will be sure to refer you to a trusted peer. 
  • Astrology in the West is not practiced as a religion, and although spiritual topics are common, Noelle is not a religious practitioner. However, she will be quick to refer you to one, if those issues arise in consultation.