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Family Focus Consultation

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A family focus astrology consultation is a unique and illuminating experience that delves into the dynamics and relationships within a family unit. With a deep understanding of astrology and its impact on interpersonal connections, Noelle creates a safe and nurturing space for families to explore their astrological charts together. 

This consultation is ideal for families who are seeking to understand each other better, improve communication, and enhance their relationships. Noelle will carefully analyze the birth charts of each family member (up to six), examining the planetary placements, aspects, and patterns that influence their interactions. 

Through insightful discussions and guidance, Noelle will provide valuable insights into each family member's personality traits, strengths, challenges, and how they relate to one another. Noelle may also offer practical strategies for resolving conflicts, fostering harmony, and supporting each family member's individual growth. 

The family focus astrology consultation is a meaningful and transformative experience that promotes understanding, empathy, and healthy dynamics within the family unit, fostering deeper connections and mutual respect among family members.


  1. Purchase your consultation on the website (here)
  2. Click on the Calendly link to see available times (90-minute session)
  3. Follow the directions on the Calendly link to schedule your consultation, which includes answering specific questions about the birth data of the family members.


  • An accurate birth time is essential for any astrological consultation. Misrepresent the time at your own risk. 
  • Nothing said in the consultation takes the place of medical, psychological, or financial advice. 
  • This multiple-chart consultation is done with the intention to uplift and empower all family members involved, and consideration will be given for each person's privacy and consent. Be advised that ill intent will not be tolerated, and may even be apparent in the charts (i.e., we might be able to see if you're up to no good!). Noelle will not help you use astrology to manipulate, control, or otherwise try and take away the autonomy of any person, especially not a family member. 
  • Astrology is a wide field with many specialties; if it is discovered that Noelle cannot help you, or is not a good fit, she will be sure to refer you to a trusted peer. 
  • Astrology in the West is not practiced as a religion, and although spiritual topics are common, Noelle is not a religious practitioner. However, she will be quick to refer you to one, if those issues become prominent through consultation.